Say What You Mean to Say

“Politically Correct” Words made up by the media and self-proclaimed spokesmen of the people and politicians to give people identities and a sense of self worth… because they don’t have their own.

“Life Sentence without Parole” Help me understand this one please… why add the “without Parole“?? Look. Either it’s your life in prison… or you’re let out early on parole… but how exactly you get both??

“Cult” Most often misapplied to religions people know absolutely nothing about…

The Cult Information Center states: Every cult can be defined as a group having all of the following 5 characteristics:

1. It uses psychological coercion to recruit, indoctrinate and retain members

2. It forms an elitist totalitarian society

3. Its leader is self-appointed, charismatic, dogmatic, messianic, not accountable

4. It believes ‘the end justifies the means’ in order to solicit funds & recruit

5. Its wealth does not benefit its members or society

Really?‘Cause it sounds like a definition for government.

“Africa” is not a country. It is the second largest continent on the planet.  I have a friend from Liberia… came to this country when he was 18… today he’s a permanent USA resident and still has a thick Liberian accent. So… he’s a full blown African American.

“Let By-gones be By-gones” Just say you’re sorry and move the heck on.

“Co-Conspirator” Yeah, “co-pilot” I’m ok with… ’cause there doesn’t have to be more that one person flying a plane. But “co-conspirator”?? The media loves this word… But by definition there are at least two people involved in a conspiracy… they are conspirators.  Hello?

“Homophobia” An irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. This word is often misapplied. Many simply realize that if everyone were gay… there soon wouldn’t be anyone left to be gay.

“Get Married” Maybe… get a dictionary.  You can, however, “marry someone”, even “be married” or perhaps you are “soon to marry”

“Cops” become such because… drum roll please… they like the feeling of power and authority. Let’s be honest… if you like slamming bad guys to the ground… this is a great outlet. And.. oh yeah!… Civilians who have that Fraternal Order of Police sticker on their car… really are just hoping to get out of a ticket. Don’t be frontin’!

“Correctional Facility” A prison. i.e. A monster factory. In what way are the prisoners “corrected”? Someone please enlighten us as to how exactly a “correctional officer” might go about “correcting” the wrong life courses of the prisoners they are charged with guarding. (please see Politically Correct)

“It’s six in one… half a dozen in the other” Try saying… “Dude, it makes no difference… I really just don’t care, man”.  I can take it… I’m all grown up now.

“What’s that got to do with the price of tea in China” What the heck is wrong with you?? If you can’t understand what the heck we are talking about… please see your way out of the conversation. Thanks.

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