Muy Caliente

“Desperado Housewives” starring Porche Perez, Vixen Ramirez, Beefcake Rodriguez, Juan Buffalo and Stallion Martinez.

A lonely housewife finds herself fascinated with two young studly cabana boys. But as their unbridled passion steams in the hot Mexican sun… her jealous husband, owner of the local slaughter house, begins making plans of his own for his wife and her new young lovers.

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Bad, Bad News for White People!

HOLD YOUR HORSES.. oops.. sorry.. all caps.. Bad, bad news white people!… According to research from Harvard University… White Americans are far more likely than their black counterparts to die soon after the death of a spouse… WHAT! Not fair at all if you ask me.

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Your Next Slice of Watermelon Could Be Your Last!

HAHA! Craziest sarcastic post on Facebook by some an angry lady today… “Women who eat watermelon compared to mayo are twice as likely to have premature kids”

SAD THING IS… it doesn’t even begin to cover the all of the serious issues that come with Eating Watermelon… For example…

There’s polyuria (peeing a lot), sticky fingers and messy face, dripping watermelon juice on your nice shirt… and perhaps one of the most serious complications: Growing a watermelon plant out of your belly button!

Get your facts straight… these health complications can happen to anyone who eats watermelon… not just women… and even if a person eats mayo all of the time.. and indulges even once in a 4th of July slice of watermelon they are putting themselves in grave danger.

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MORE Say What You Mean to Say…

Hmm… I really like this one…

Dear “So-and-So”,

Most disturbing to me are your tyrannical, disrespectful and arrogant emails – along with your discourteous and less-than-professional conduct during our work-related encounters. You are, at the very least, abusive and borderline harassing.

Additionally, there are the multiple occasions where you refused to pay me in a timely manner and ignored my numerous emails about the matter forcing me to illicit the assistance of the Personnel Director in order to remedy the situations. Predictably, I was scolded by you for this – even though these issues were entirely your fault.

Throughout all of this I have indeed tolerated these transgressions while conducting myself responsibly, respectfully, courteously and professionally with you at all times.

See to it, please, that going forward from today: your dialog with me falls into the realms of professionalism and respect I, as your subordinate, deserve.

Thanks and have a great day.

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