Putting a Cork in it…

So I just love how everyone wants to vilify BP now.  “I’m never shopping there again”… “I wish BP would get their head out of their…” … “BP killed my Cabbage Patch Kid”… “How am I supposed to pay for my Carnival Cruise now BP!”… Yeah? Well, nobody was complainin’ about all the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico that ultimately employ tens of thousands until this tragedy occurred with the DP Horizon.

And that reminds me! I have actually spoken with numerous people about this big spill in the Gulf… in doing so I often reference the “DP Horizon that blew”. And the response from some of these people? “Umm… what’s that?” What! Once again I’m totally amazed at the level of ignorance surrounding this catastrophe.

Oh by the way! DP Horizon was the drilling rig that exploded (leading to the oil spill) in the Gulf of Mexico killing 11 human beings and seriously injuring several others… it’s amazing anyone made it off that thing alive!

Regarding the oil that flows from the “leak”… I think my favorite comment from one girl was… “How hard can it be to put a plug in a hole?!” LOL About as easy as stuffing a cork in the end of a 5 inch fire hose blowing 3000 gallons per minute into your face… umm…  Lemme know when you’ve completed that task as I am still trying to convert jet fuel into clean drinking water using bologna and a toothpick… and I could so use your help!

And now I’m just ranting … So do me a favor please and fix me a turkey sandwich… and fetch me cold beer while you’re at it. And I don’t wanna hear that it’s not even 8 in the morning yetFor God’s sake man! BP’s your enemy.. not me!!!…   ok…  sooo… where’d we land on that sandwich and beer hmmm?

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